Sponsors Digital Pre-Convention Event

Sponsors Digital Pre-Convention Event

by Dunja Hoejenbos

We are offering sponsors to connect their name to the 36th World Fashion Convention, to be held in Antwerp, June 7 – 9, 2021 and in addition to this Digital Pre-Convention Event. Alternatively, it is also possible to connect to just the Digital Pre-Convention Event.

Sponsor Opportunities 36th Digital Pre-Convention Event 10-11 November, 2020

Attaching one’s name to this Pre-Convention event gives sponsors the opportunity to greatly extend the period of marketing exposure to IAF’s extensive network when it is combined with the sponsorship of the Convention itself. In itself, sponsoring the Pre-Convention event gives sponsors the opportunity to connect their name to a high level digital event, going deep to discuss the industry’s defining issues. Our clear message of supply chain collaboration will give sponsors the opportunity to be associated with profound answers to the challenge of industry transformation. Because we have a strong message to deliver from a global, well respected platform, we will attract strong publicity.

Concretely, we offer sponsors visibility in the following ways:

  • Permanent display of company logo on the IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention website and Pre-Convention website
  • Display of company logo on invitations to the Pre-Convention’s digital activities
  • Display of company logo on introduction slide shown in all separate Pre-Convention’s activities
  • Display of company logo as Pre-Convention event sponsor on the IAF main website
  • Article in IAF newsletter explaining sponsors’ affinity with the Convention’s theme

Costs for the Pre-Convention event sponsorship are € 995.-. Please send Matthijs Crietee an e-mail for more information.

Sponsor Opportunities 36th World Fashion Convention Antwerp 7-9 June, 2021

The convention provides an excellent promotion and sponsorship opportunity for our sponsors. The event will draw an estimated 200 delegates from over 20 countries with the majority from the host country and several delegations coming from countries worldwide. The quality of the event, its venue, its speakers and its program, assured by 35 previous editions of experience and heritage, will attract C-level executives from the entire fashion supply chain.

The event will draw substantial media attention in the local, national and international (trade) press. At the same time, the event provides an excellent networking platform for meeting, interacting and transacting business with international experts, speakers and delegates.

For the sponsor benefits of the 36th World Fashion Convention in June 2021, please see the attached sponsor packages in pdf.Please send Matthijs Crietee an e-mail for more information.